Fixed Asset Management


Fixed asset management is an important part of enterprise management. It has the characteristics, such as wide distribution, large 

quantity, high value, long service life and difficult management. Under the current management mode, while the asset change 

information is transmitted , due to the distortion and lag of information caused by human factors, the accounts cannot be 

synchronized. The network department is unable to optimize equipment allocation in time, resulting that a large amount of 

high-value network assets get idle and wasted, and the authenticity of financial reports is seriously impacted. 


As a bridge between the physical world and existing IT systems, RFID technology can effectively integrate the daily management 

activities of assets with the asset management system by the GPRS wireless remote transmission function, thus realizing the 

information management of fixed assets.


1. The enterprises can get hold of equipment assets for rationally allocation of resources and the tracking of equipment assets;

2. RFID tags have long operating life, it is anti-pollution and maintenance-free, and can be reused;

3. The system can identify a lot of data fast from long distance, and quick inventory and statistics can be realized;

4. It has unique rights management, with high reliability and high confidentiality, is easy to operate and easy to expand, etc;

5. RFID automatic collection and efficient GPRS wireless remote data transmission.