INventory Verification


In the traditional inventory management, a pen and paper is needed for warehouse administrator to count each item manually, which 

is time-consuming and laborious. Manual inventory is not only heavy workload, low efficiency, high labor cost, but also prone to 

error. When there is a discrepancy between the book inventory and the actual inventory, it is difficult to find out the reason, and the 

accumulated loss of goods causes a considerable loss to the enterprise. Manual inventory data needs to be input into the central 

background of PC twice, which is prone to typing errors and time-consuming. The data cannot be synchronized with the 

background database in the first time, and the replenishment is often not timely, which cannot ensure that the customer needs can 

be met, thus affecting the customer's shopping experience.


RFID technology is used to scan the warehouse goods for accurate and rapid inventory, so that the number of categories can keep 

clear.RFID reader read multiple tag information at the same time, connect to the background system through the wireless network, 

and also realize real-time transmission of inventory information to the database,those not only greatly reduce the inventory time, 

but also the difficulty of warehouse staff work.


1. All information of the product can be searched online by scanning the product code, which is convenient and fast;

2. Real-time query of real inventory information, which can be transmitted to the management system through wireless network, 

    making management more convenient and efficient;

3. Real-time data transmission, realize the dynamic update of warehouse goods and database system, improve the visualization 

    and refinement of warehouse management;

4. Make full use of warehouse resources, reduce warehouse management costs and speed up warehouse turnover;

5. The improvement of warehousing operation efficiency promotes the improvement of the whole commodity sales and service, 

    and leads to higher consumer satisfaction.