Stock-In management


There are many disadvantages in the traditional warehousing management:The administrator records the warehousing information 

manually, which leads to heavy workload, low efficiency and high error rate.Using paper to record goods warehousing information 

leads to two problems: paper damage risk and information query up time consuming.It is difficult to find out the reason when the 

warehousing data and the actual warehousing data are inconsistent, which aggravate the workload of staff;Unclear product 

warehouse location information results in a large number of human resources waste, affecting work efficiency.


The above problems can be solved by introducing barcode scanning and RFID tag technology into logistics management.With an 

unique ID in tag attached in each good, the staff can quickly and accurately collect the information of the good by scanning the tag 

information.The details of the incoming goods will be also achieved and uploaded through the wireless network connected by the 

mobile phone.


1. Standardize the warehousing operation process and strengthen the supervision and management of the staff;

2. Improved the efficiency and quality of product warehousing and avoided manual error;

3. Automatic input of product information, network transmission to the database system to achieve paperless office;

4. The location information of the product after storage is clear at a glance on the handheld device. The staff can quickly and 

    accurately find a certain product in the first time, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources and is conducive to the 

    control of operating costs of the enterprise.